Inland Desert Nursery, a family owned and operated grapevine nursery, supplies growers with superior quality vines and knowledgeable service. We’ve invested our future into making available clean plant material to our growers.

Custom Orders

If you need a plant that we don’t have in stock, let us know. With advance notice, we can customize clean, healthy dormant or green vines and you’ll get the highest-grade product in exactly the right quantity.

Dormant, field-finished vines take more than a year to prepare, but green, potted vines can be prepared within the same year if budwood and rootstock are available.

Minimum custom order size for dormant vines is 500/selection.
Minimum custom order size for green vines is 250/selection.

To place an order, email,
call (509) 588-6615 OR order online:
Grower Custom Orders at Inland Desert Nursery
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We’re happy to help you select the right vines for your vineyard.

We stand behind our vines and offer a competitive replacement policy and will work with you to make your planting a success.
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